A comet is not a star, by the way

When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are.

If someone's light that shines so bright-- lights up your life like sun at night-- it's hard to keep a level head if you wished it yours instead.

Songs, and films, and books, and deals: are you stuck just spinning wheels? Those who finally ignite, should not be pilloried by spite.

Instead, the measure of their due reviewed-- inspiration: refreshed, renewed.

Chance success for some, it's true: perhaps those odds are not for you. To beat The House by chance is rare, but labor's love can get you there.

Thus tales of other's success should stand as forward-leaning fetch toward land. Grab the light and ride the air and by example you'll travel there


It makes no difference who you are when you wish upon a star.



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