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QUESTION: Do you take commissions outside of the DC metro area?

A:  Absolutely! Anywhere in the solar system, we're ready. 

QUESTION: Can you take a government project?

A: Yep! We’re approved government vendors, with active CAGE and

DUNS numbers.

QUESTION: Do you take commissions for projects that are neither government nor corporate?

A: We love private commissions! We’ve developed multimedia programs for museums around the world, designed creative work for educational institutions, and consulted with art groups on a wide range of subjects. If you’re thinking about something special and you’re not sure where to turn to assemble a diverse team creative experts, give us a call.

QUESTION: Say more about your experience working with museums?

A: Every museum has their own style, their own vibe, and certainly their own stories to tell. Our process starts by listening closely to museum curators. When a museum wants to develop new content, the work often needs to stand the test of time. We take that trust seriously and believe deeply that collaboration is the key to success. We believe museum work requires creative and exciting solutions but always with a close eye on conveying an institution’s essential messages. Every museum has unique audience needs. We strive to maximize opportunities and connect commissioned content to larger institutional narratives that will add value and energy to exhibition spaces for years to come.

QUESTION: What does “1AU” mean?

A: Glad you asked! It’s stands for “One Astronomical Unit.” That’s the distance from The Earth to The Sun, approximately 93 million miles. Astronomers use that term as a reference point to quickly illustrate relative distances between other celestial objects. (e.g. Neptune orbits The Sun at approximately 30 AU.)

QUESTION: I have a speech to deliver, but I’m not much of a writer. It’s also going to require a visual presentation and possibly some matching content to go on our website when I’m done. Can you do this kind of work?

A: This is precisely the kind of thing that built our reputation. We can help you write (or even completely “ghost write”) your speech, develop your visuals, build your show, and rehearse for the big day, whether you’ll be speaking on or off camera. We can also deliver all of these content…and more if you’d like!…for easy integration on your website.

QUESTION: What kind of news media experience does your team have?

A: Almost everyone affiliated with 1AU Global Media has either worked at a national news organization or had years of experience developing content designed expressly for news consumption. Our collective staff have been on both sides of the camera, designed live events, directed programs, and even been in charge of national newsrooms. When you need pro-class media guidance about how to appear on camera or present yourself in public, we can get your ready.