Pursuit of Light -- A New Film for NASA

       Big data; awesome images; indie filmmaking.        The Space Shuttles may now be tasked with the gentle job of attracting museum traffic, but NASA has no intentions of staying on Earth. With the releases a spectacular six minute movie, NASA’s Science Mission Directorate aims high and goes deep.  Called PURSUIT OF LIGHT, it's built from some of the biggest data sets ever captured. The movie is a visual poem about up-to-the-minute areas of hot NASA research with an eye toward humanity’s place in a dynamic universe.  Combined with arresting time lapse footage of the natural world and a moody, energetic score, PURSUIT OF LIGHT presents an exciting take on daring NASA science in the 21st century. Click the link below to see it in HD, but if you're hip enough to have a monster projector, you can download the full sized, 3420x1152 pixel production from here: http://1.usa.gov/JNmk5Q.  

       Don't let the quieted Space Shuttles fool you: this is a modern off-the-planet movie about for a data-driven world.

       Check it out and send your feedback!

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