Soundstage, Autumn 2012

Recently the 1AU Global Media team spent time surrounded by wide open spaces. That is, they were wide open spaces only after they went through our post-production pipeline, transforming green painted soundstage hardware into a fully imagined world. The photos here show a collection of snapshots from that production.

But you're wondering, aren't you, "Who's it for?"

Ah, yes... Let's just say that we're pleased to add a major new client to our roster, a prestigious player with vision and influence. But hey: there are all sorts of cool things cooking here at 1AU! 2013 promises to bring new productions, big ideas, and lots of creative energy to projects of all shapes and sizes.

As you reflect on the year now drawing to a close, get in touch to discuss how we might transform your dreams for 2013 into fully realized worlds. Or, loyal readers, just get in touch! We love to hear feedback about our blog, our work, and the wider world of ideas. And we'd like to hear from you about yourself: about where you're headed and what you're wishing for in terms of helping convey messages that move your own audiences.


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