November News from 1AU

Aquarium logo. This week we're catching up on the latest news from 1AU.

Tuesday through Thursday some of us are on the road attending the 2012 Science On a Sphere Workshop. Held this year at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California, this is the fifth conference of it's kind, and an opportunity for just about everyone who's anyone in the global community for spherical media to network, look at the latest material, and learn from each other. We're excited to join our friends, and look forward to a great week.

On November 8, Michael will be presenting a talk at the conference on filmmaking, with a specific focus on spherical surfaces. Titled "Stories, not Atoms: Practical Techniques for SOS Productions", this multimedia presentation will look at scriptwriting, storyboarding, pipeline development, and shooting live-action for spherical surfaces. If you're attending the conference, please say hello!

But the world is not all round, you know. Rectangles still rule in modern media, and we're not about to forsake the left and right sides of the screen! This fall we're also deep into production for several major projects. On big corporate gig has us particularly geeked. Let's just say that it's highly imaginative and thrillingly creative; we're having a great time, even as we're running our engines at 102%.

"What is it?" you ask! (We're glad you asked.)

Can't tell you, precisely; client confidentiality, and all that. But we can say that you'll be seeing images from the production popping up here on the news site over the next couple of week and months, offering teases at the kind of work we're doing. Want to know more? Like what you see? By all means, get in touch. Hey: we'll make one to suit your own custom specs, if you'd like!

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