When blog postings go up on the site I try to insure that there's some corresponding note on LinkedIn, on Twitter, and on Facebook. I mean, it won't mean a thing if no one knows it exists. Or as the great, late physicist Richard Feynman once put it, if you don't write it in your journal, it never happened.

Hang on one second, I just need to pick up this call…

"Hello? Yep. Yes, we'll be there. Three o'clock? Sure. With the documents? Sure. Okay, see you then."

So, yeah. The blog. It's tough sometimes when there's also a major project we're all working on. But it's especially tough between projects, when there are a million things in development, all sorts of ideas cooking, when we're taking meetings and running around to scout locations and working on technical and artistic tests. Sometimes then it's especially tough to focus. Sometimes in the middle of a crushing production schedule, it's strangely easier for the ideas to just come out. Blood pumping, with a focus that's laser beam tight, the clarity of ideas often shines bright.  Of course, sometimes there's the issue of just having the energy to get them out, but that's another story.

Just one second…got to respond to this quick Facebook tag.

"Blueberry pie, oh my."

Right. Anyway, the team is fully engaged in a gigantic new spherical production, and we have a list of other projects in the pipeline. Speaking engagements have been busier than ever this past year, and we continue to get offers from a wide variety of clients. As for the website…

Hang on one sec.

"We could shoot it sixteen-by-nine if we do it for ordinary HDTV playback, but we'd be pleased to show you some examples of ultra-wide playback options if you'd like. We think that could be terrific for your venue. Or if you really want to do something interesting, let us design a multi-faceted surface, with carefully timed sequences running among non-contiguous screens."

Okay, so yeah, the website is firing on all cylinders right now. With some of the matching social media efforts we've been putting out, plus the ancillary blog posts elsewhere (Tumblr, Wordpress, etc) people are talking and the phone keeps ringing. Can't complain about that! But the real issue is...


"Hello? Hey! Yes, great to hear from you. I'm sorry, but can I call you back? It's a bad time right now. Sure. Just in the middle of something."

Where was I? Oh, yes: the real issue is…


"Hello! Sorry, yes, this is a bad time. I'm just trying to do this one thing. One thing! I'll be right with you."

…as soon as I take the teapot off the stove…whistling like a….

So, anyway.  There we were. Cameras rolling, sound was clean, when this client comes charging across the soundstage, and says, "…

Listen. Why don't you come back next week. Next week the blog will be talking about the cultural ubiquity of video and the various ways that's affected our industry, as well as the public's ability to consume media of any sort. Trust me, it will be interesting.

I'm going to make a sandwich. And a cup of tea.


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