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Welcome.The journey begins afresh. You; us: together.

You're reading the opening verses of an epic poem, inscribed periodically by the creative voices at 1AU. With news about our latest projects, and notes on current media observations, creativity, and the fusion of ideas, our new blog--launched today-- becomes the heartbeat of 1AU Global Media. This is a poem with no conclusion…but it's not without a plot. Colorful adventures and destinations await, and it's here that you can journey with us--whether you're a client, a collaborator, or simply an armchair adventurer.

This March we mark our 7th anniversary. Since opening in 2005, everything astounding and shiny in the media world has since turned common and ordinary. Everything modern transformed into something mobile. But creativity endures, always. No matter what changes come to formats and styles, distribution platforms and business models, a good story presented in a smart way always has value.

That's the best part: the stories. If you follow this blog into the future, you'll hear one thing over and over again in a myriad of ways: humanity has been telling stories around hearth fires for millennia. That moment, when listeners lean forward to hear, and imaginations run free at the sight of projected shadows on cave walls, means everything. Everything.

You'll find photos and text here, and perhaps the occasional something else. But mostly you'll keep in touch with what we're doing and thinking.

And together…we'll go farther.


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