High definition is one thing, but hyper definition? NASA commissioned PURSUIT OF LIGHT to showcase some of its extraordinary collections of high resolution data, gathered from a variety of world-class research missions. First presented at The UN Framework Convention Climate Change in Durban, South Africa, PURSUIT OF LIGHT presents big places, big data, and big ideas. A visual poem about the Earth, The Moon, The Sun, The Planets, and the deep sky, this 6 minute film sizzles with existential themes, presented in an  imaginative, lyrical style. With no spoken narration, images tell a non-literal story about the need to explore, and the passion to ask vital questions.  Data visualizations Interspersed with inventive live action sequences make bold use of the vast canvas, presented in a dramatic 3:1 aspect ratio, with a final screen resolution of 3420 x 1152.


Produced and Directed by Michael Starobin

Edited by Victoria Weeks

Music by Jami Seiber and Moby