Q: Do you take commissions outside the DC geographical area?

A:  Absolutely! Anywhere in the solar system, we're ready. 

Q: Do you have a GSA schedule?

A: While we continue to do work for government clients, we do not maintain a GSA rate card. This enables us to move much more adroitly than production companies encumbered with the substantial oversight requirements, and our clients have always been pleased with the workflow. If you're a government office looking to hire us, get in touch and we'd be pleased to discuss a variety of easy options.


Q: Are you looking for talent?

A: We're always looking for talent, but being good with a computer (ahem) ain't gonna cut it. If you think you have a special X-factor that makes you right for our team, get in touch!

Q: Do you consult as well as produce original content?




A: Yes, indeed. If your company or organization would like to discuss new ways for leveraging your own in-house skill sets; if you'd like to discuss how to raise the game of your own team; if you'd like to muse about what new ways you might communicate your own message to stand out above the crowd, we'll be pleased to provide you custom consultation services.